Teaming with Skit Guys

Exciting news! We are now Skit Guys approved. We are so excited to be working with our mentors and friends, Eddie and Tommy. Hurt and Manley will now be working under the Skit Guys umbrella. Charissa will now be booking events for both the Skit Guys and Hurt and Manley.

We teamed up with up the Skit Guys to produce our very first video together. We did a Fall Festival promo together this fall. Check it out at It is a great video and was even more fun to make!

The Skit Guys have left such a mark on the Christian community. It is a huge honor to be working with them. I remember seeing them as a young youth pastor thinking I would love to do what they are doing. And now, here we are. Crazy.

We are so excited about the future and to see where God takes us in this adventure.

Thanks Skit Guys for believing in us!


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