As I read the paper , I see that Steve Jobs has resigned from Apple. One word: legacy. Steve Jobs has left behind his legacy. For years to come, we will know the legacy of this amazing man. As I type this on my Mac laptop and my daughter has my I-Pod listening to Disney Princess songs (Steve Jobs was on the Walt Disney board), we are enjoying the products he worked. Now I know that a lot of people worked behind the scenes and they don’t get the credit. But Steve Jobs was the visionary and a pioneer in his industry. He left behind many products. But more than that, he leaves behind a great organization with lots of great people. He leaves behind many great ideas. He leaves quite a bit to his family. People will know much about him because of all that He did.

I don’t know that much about where he stands spiritually. I pray that he finds truth. I pray for his cancer.

But it leads to my point: What is your legacy? What is it that we leave behind? We may not create I-Pods or I-Pads but what do we leave behind? Do we leave behind great memories for our family? Do we leave behind a spiritual legacy? What will people say about us when we are gone from this earth?

May we live or lives in such a way that we leave behind a great legacy. Thanks for everything, Steve Jobs!

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