Haven’t I seen you guys before?

Skitzo Drama is now becoming Hurt and Manley.

For the past 7 years, Skitzo Drama has done many a camp and many a retreat. Skitzo started as a dream when me and a family friend, Terri Taylor, started doing sketches in our local church. It grew from there and then we landed our very first Super Summer. From there, Skitzo was very busy doing a lot of events.

After a few years, Terri moved to Virginia to pursue higher education and search for love. So the hunt was on for new cast members. The other girls were Kristin, Carrie, and Ashley. All were great but God only allowed them to be a part of the group for awhile and then the magic happened.

Hurt meets Manley.

About three summers ago, a bearded man helped us with a improv skit called, “Mama’s Little Baby.” He came in one of the scenes as the late great Harry Caray. The crowd loved it. After that, the bearded one kept stalking and showing up at our gigs.

Instead of calling security and making it difficult, Manley was asked to be a part of the team. For the last three years, Hurt and Manley have been touring as Skitzo Drama.

So, why the name change?

Because of our affiliation with the Skit Guys, we made the name change to re-brand ourselves.

We are better than ever and have been busy writing all kinds of new stuff. So we introduce to you…Hurt and Manley.

Reaching hearts through humor! ( for a long time now..new name, new attitude!)

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