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Friday, August 26th, 2011

As I read the paper , I see that Steve Jobs has resigned from Apple. One word: legacy. Steve Jobs has left behind his legacy. For years to come, we will know the legacy of this amazing man. As I type this on my Mac laptop and my daughter has my I-Pod listening to Disney Princess songs (Steve Jobs was on the Walt Disney board), we are enjoying the products he worked. Now I know that a lot of people worked behind the scenes and they don’t get the credit. But Steve Jobs was the visionary and a pioneer in his industry. He left behind many products. But more than that, he leaves behind a great organization with lots of great people. He leaves behind many great ideas. He leaves quite a bit to his family. People will know much about him because of all that He did.

I don’t know that much about where he stands spiritually. I pray that he finds truth. I pray for his cancer.

But it leads to my point: What is your legacy? What is it that we leave behind? We may not create I-Pods or I-Pads but what do we leave behind? Do we leave behind great memories for our family? Do we leave behind a spiritual legacy? What will people say about us when we are gone from this earth?

May we live or lives in such a way that we leave behind a great legacy. Thanks for everything, Steve Jobs!

Happy New Year

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Another year. Come and gone. And this time of year can be both exciting as you think on a new start, new goals, and a new perspective. Or it can be kinda painful to think on unfinished business and things you didn’t quite finish. But either way, the new year is a great time to make new goals and set direction for your relationship with the Lord, your ministry, your business, and other relationships.

A great book by Andy Stanley, The Principle of The Path, has a great quote. “Direction, not intention, determines your destination.”

A lot us have big dreams and big ideas. But we will only get there if we actually start working toward it. We will never reach our goal unless we do the work to get there. Want to learn to play the guitar? You must practice. Want to know what God wants? Spend time with Him. Want a better relationship with your parents? Be kind and obey.

So, in the new year, dream big. Do great things. But don’t just dream, do. Start walking in it. Start taking steps, even baby steps to achieve what it is that God has for you.

Take some time today to write down your goals and then go for it!

“Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap” (Gal. 6:7).

Happy New Year!!

Teaming with Skit Guys

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Exciting news! We are now Skit Guys approved. We are so excited to be working with our mentors and friends, Eddie and Tommy. Hurt and Manley will now be working under the Skit Guys umbrella. Charissa will now be booking events for both the Skit Guys and Hurt and Manley.

We teamed up with up the Skit Guys to produce our very first video together. We did a Fall Festival promo together this fall. Check it out at It is a great video and was even more fun to make!

The Skit Guys have left such a mark on the Christian community. It is a huge honor to be working with them. I remember seeing them as a young youth pastor thinking I would love to do what they are doing. And now, here we are. Crazy.

We are so excited about the future and to see where God takes us in this adventure.

Thanks Skit Guys for believing in us!

Haven’t I seen you guys before?

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Skitzo Drama is now becoming Hurt and Manley.

For the past 7 years, Skitzo Drama has done many a camp and many a retreat. Skitzo started as a dream when me and a family friend, Terri Taylor, started doing sketches in our local church. It grew from there and then we landed our very first Super Summer. From there, Skitzo was very busy doing a lot of events.

After a few years, Terri moved to Virginia to pursue higher education and search for love. So the hunt was on for new cast members. The other girls were Kristin, Carrie, and Ashley. All were great but God only allowed them to be a part of the group for awhile and then the magic happened.

Hurt meets Manley.

About three summers ago, a bearded man helped us with a improv skit called, “Mama’s Little Baby.” He came in one of the scenes as the late great Harry Caray. The crowd loved it. After that, the bearded one kept stalking and showing up at our gigs.

Instead of calling security and making it difficult, Manley was asked to be a part of the team. For the last three years, Hurt and Manley have been touring as Skitzo Drama.

So, why the name change?

Because of our affiliation with the Skit Guys, we made the name change to re-brand ourselves.

We are better than ever and have been busy writing all kinds of new stuff. So we introduce to you…Hurt and Manley.

Reaching hearts through humor! ( for a long time name, new attitude!)