What are people saying about Hurt & Manley?

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I would also highly recommend the Hurt and Manley drama team. They are absolutely hilarious!
Brandon Moore
Minister to Students – Lifeway Fellowship Baptist Church, Amarillo, Texas

Super Summer will never be the same since we had Hurt & Manley, we now carry full liability insurance and never serve our personalities caffeine. I will say though, they do love the Lord and it shows on and off the stage. They speak the World through humor and drama wich is a mighty powerful combination.
Leighton Flowers
Youth Evangelism Director, BGCT

After seeing Hurt and Manley open for me, I have to say that they were the second best act up there that day….if you don’t count the janitor that swept the stage afterwards. Hurt and Manley has a laughed pack show full of encouragement! I can’t wait to open for them years from now when my career is in the toilet!
Bob Smiley

Hurt and Manley’s ministry is one of the most original and hilarious drama teams that I have seen. Their skits have a unique way of causing us to consider issues in our Christian walk in ways different than we normally do. This is good for students and adults caught in the routine of the Christian lifestyle.
Brett Hoyle

Hurt and Manley is above the best. Their ministry and love for our Lord explodes in not only their presentations but in their attitude toward their audiences. They are always willing to share their lives with those they serve. I consider them the very best in their art.
Bruce Edwards
Creative Consultant, Lifeway

Hurt and Manley was so easy to work with. They have an incredibly entertaining repertoire and really connected with our kids. They came in for a 5th quarter and had everyone, including the football coaches talking for weeks. We’ll have them back…unless they get too famous and we can’t afford them!
Darrel Fishbeck
Student Pastor

I am thankful for the depth of your message and your uncompromising presentation that avoids questionable or tasteless humor. Your humor brought down the house, but in a uniquely wholesome and completely acceptable manner. Thanks also for being the type of personal example that the students can replicate. Several church leaders replied following camp that their students had begun drama teams and drama ministry involvement in their churches as a result of your leadership and instruction. Thank you for that measurable success. I look forward to continued shared ministry in the years to come. You are a blessing!
Ken Lasater
Southern Baptists of Texas, CMS