About Us

Hurt and Manley came onto the sketch comedy scene back in 2007. This dynamic duo has been making people laugh and proclaiming Jesus at camps, conferences, and weekend retreats since the day they met at a summer camp in Texas.

The two friends have been on the road around the country sharing laughs and pointing people to Christ, fulfilling a life-long dream of using their comedic talents for God’s glory. They teamed up with the Skit Guys in 2010 to bring another dynamic name to their legendary reputation.

Chris Hurt

Chris HurtChris Hurt brings the Hurt to the group! You play the game, you get Hurt, Chris Hurt! He is a student minister in the Dallas area and has been in youth ministry for more than 17 years. He graduated from Texas Tech and has a Master’s degree from Liberty University. He is married to a wonderful lady (please pray for her) and they have two children: Chandler and Brooklyn. He loves Miami Dolphin Football!

Favorite Verse: John 10:10

Dylan Manley

Dylan ManleyDylan Manley is the bearded one of Hurt and Manley. He is manly and Manley.
Dylan has a beautiful wife named Claire and two kids, Josiah and Corrine. Dylan attended Texas A&M and received his Master’s at Liberty University. He is the minister to students in Waco. He has been involved with several bands and has quite an array of music on his iPod. Just ask him.

Favorite Verse: 2 Corinthians 12:9-10